Managing Triggers


Set Global Trigger Callback URL

Set a global callback URL to which all triggers from Composio will be sent.

composio triggers callbacks set https://31-*****

This step is crucial for receiving triggers.


List All Triggers for Slack

Identify which triggers are available for slack and explore potential activations.

composio triggers --app slack

Enable a Specific Trigger

Activate a Slack trigger to obtain a unique Trigger_ID.

composio triggers enable slack_receive_message # Replace 'slack_receive_message' with your desired trigger name

In the output, you should get a Trigger_ID. This is crucial for distinguishing your triggers.


Disable a Specific Trigger

Deactivate a trigger if it no longer meets your needs after testing.

composio triggers disable <trigger_id>

List All Active Triggers

Review all triggers that are currently active within your account.

composio triggers --active