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Composio enables agents to execute tasks which require interaction of agent with world outside via APIs, RPCs, Shells, Filemanagers, Browser or ๐ŸŒ.

For instance, to accomplish a task like โ€œCreate a new repository on GitHubโ€, your agent needs to integrate with GitHubโ€™s API. It involves translating API specifications into functions callable schema, managing authentication for multiple users and many other things which Composio does out of box.

Agents can now execute code, interact with your local system, receive triggers or execute action for 150+ external tools.


Supported Tools ( Full List )

Triggers & Actions for 100+ widely used softwares.

Authentication Management

Composio handles the auth for your users, enabling your agents to integrate with various tools and perform actions on behalf of your users.

We support a wide range of well-known authentication protocols, including OAuth1.0/OAuth2.0, ApiKey, and Basic, among others.

Observability for Agent Actions

We offer comprehensive observability and logging for every interaction your agents have with tools, enabling you to monitor and trace all actions performed by agents in real time.

Quick Start: Connect agent to Github in under ten lines of Code


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