Let’s get you started building with Composio! You should be familiar with core concepts of Composio Platform to best utilise it.

Goal of this section is to give you a brief walkthrough of each component and how they go together.

Tools/AppsTools or Apps refer to the various applications or tools that can be integrated and used by your agents via Composio.
IntegrationsIntegrations are tool configurations (eg. Permissions to ask for when connecting an account, ClientID/Secret in the case of OAuth) that will be used to connect your users account to Composio. You can use your own configuration or use Composio’s default integrations.
ConnectedAccountsConnected accounts represent connections between your app and third-party platforms. They are user-specific instances of integrations, storing credentials and specific configuration details.
ActionsActions are tasks that can be performed by your agents. ex. send email via gmail
TriggersTriggers are predefined conditions that, when met, initiate webhooks to your agents.
EntityEntity is a catch all term for your users who can be individuals, entities, teams, organisations. Composio manages authentication at Entity level.

In next few pages, we can go through each component in detail. They will explain how to use each component in the code and what the expected flow should look like.

If you prefer something quicker, checkout Quickstart Guide