Zendesk uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication.

πŸ“”Β Documentation

βš™οΈΒ Configuration

New App can be created at Zendesk Admin Center.

Find the Redirect URLs field and configure the below Redirect URL:


Your Unique Identifier is the Client ID, and your Secret token is the Client Secret. On Composio’s supported apps page, find Zendesk and click β€œEnable”. Paste your Client ID and Secret, then Save to connect Zendesk.

βš’οΈ Actions

Action NameAction IDDescription
Create Zendesk Organizationzendesk_create_zendesk_organizationCreates a new Zendesk organization.
Delete Zendesk Organizationzendesk_delete_zendesk_organizationDeletes a Zendesk organization.
Count Zendesk Organizationszendesk_count_zendesk_organizationsCounts all the Zendesk organizations.
Get Zendesk Organizationzendesk_get_zendesk_organizationReturns a Zendesk organization.
Get All Zendesk Organizationszendesk_get_all_zendesk_organizationsReturns all the Zendesk organizations.
Update Zendesk Organizationzendesk_update_zendesk_organizationUpdates a Zendesk organization.
Create Zendesk Ticketzendesk_create_zendesk_ticketCreates a new Zendesk ticket.
Delete Zendesk Ticketzendesk_delete_zendesk_ticketDeletes a Zendesk ticket.
Get About Mezendesk_get_about_meRetrieves information about the owner account.

πŸͺTriggers (Coming Soon)

Zendesk triggers are not supported yet. If you’re looking for Zendesk Triggers, please write to us at tech@composio.dev.