Gmail uses OAUTH2 for authentication.

πŸ“” Documentation

βš™οΈ Configuration

The Gmail API needs to be enabled in the Enabled APIs and Services section on the Google Console Dashboard and the OAuth 2.0 Client ID can be obtained from the Credentials section.

Once you create the OAuth Client ID, please configure the below Redirect URL in the Authorised redirect URIs section:

After creating the app, copy the Client ID and Secret from Additional Information section in the Client ID Page. On Composio’s Integrations page, find Gmail and add a new integration. Paste your Client ID and Secret, then save to connect Gmail.

βš’οΈ Actions

Action NameAction IDDescription
Send Emailgmail_send_emailSend an email using Gmail’s API.
Create Email Draftgmail_create_email_draftCreate a draft email using Gmail’s API.
Find Email ID in Gmailgmail_find_email_idFind the email ID in Gmail based on the subject.
Fetch Last 3 Messages by Thread IDgmail_fetch_last_three_messagesFetch the last 3 messages by thread ID from Gmail, or fewer if the thread contains less than 3 messages.
Add Label to Emailgmail_add_label_to_emailAdd a label to an email in Gmail.
List Gmail Labelsgmail_list_labelsList all labels in the user’s Gmail account.
Fetch Message by Thread IDgmail_fetch_message_by_thread_idFetch a specific message by thread ID from Gmail.
Reply to Email Threadgmail_reply_to_threadAction to reply to an email thread in Gmail.
Fetch Sent Emailsgmail_fetch_emails_with_labelAction to fetch all sent emails from Gmail.

πŸͺ Triggers

Gmail triggers are not supported yet. In case, you’re looking for Gmail Triggers, please write to us at