This project involves setting up and running a system of agents to conduct investment research, analyze the research, and provide investment recommendations. We use Crewai to setup the Agents, Composio is used to add the tools we need, in this case we need SERP. Follow this guide to set up and run the project.

Investment Analyst GitHub Repository

Explore the complete source code for the Investment Analyst project. This repository contains all the necessary files and scripts to set up and run the investment analysis system using CrewAI and Composio.


Run the `` file

Fork and Clone this repository, Navigate to the Project Directory

cd cookbook/examples/python/investment_analyst

Make the Script Executable (if necessary): On Linux or macOS, you might need to make the script executable:


Imports and Environment Setup

In your Python script, import the necessary libraries and set up your environment variables.


Initialise Language Model and Define tools

We’ll initialize our language model and set up the necessary tools for our agents. We will be using serpapi tool, So that our agent can execute actions using this tool.


Defining the Agent

Define the roles and goals of our agents. There are four agents in use here: Investment Researcher, Investment Analyst, and Investment Recommender agents.


Defining the Task and Kickoff the Process

Create a task for the analyst agent and execute the process.

Putting it All Together