Notion uses OAuth2 for authentication.

πŸ“” Documentation

  1. Notion API Documentation
  2. Notion OAuth Documentation

βš™οΈ Configuration

New App can be created at Notion integrations page.

Once you create the App, go to the β€œOAuth Domain & URIs” section and configure the below Redirect URL:


After adding the Redirect URL, you will be redirected to another page where your Client ID and Client Secret will be displayed. Copy them for later use. On Composio’s supported apps page, find Notion and click β€œEnable”. Paste your Client ID and Secret, then Save to connect Notion.

βš’οΈ Actions

⚠️ All the actions are disabled by default, Please go to the Notion connector page to enable the actions.

Action NameAction IDDescription
Create Notion Databasenotion_create_notion_databaseCreate a database in Notion.
Create Notion Pagenotion_create_notion_pageCreate a page in Notion.
Fetch Notion Pagenotion_fetch_notion_pageFetch a page in Notion.
Archive Notion Pagenotion_archive_notion_pageArchive or unarchive a page in Notion.
Fetch Notion Databasenotion_fetch_notion_databaseFetch a database in Notion.
Update Notion Databasenotion_update_notion_databaseUpdate a database in Notion.
Create Page Commentnotion_create_page_commentCreate a comment on a page in Notion.
Get About Menotion_get_about_meRetrieves information about the owner account.

πŸͺ Triggers (Coming Soon)

Notion triggers are not supported yet. If you’re looking for Notion Triggers, please write to us at